2/10/2014 – The Science of Lohaning

 Episode Title: The Science of Lohaning

 Episode Date : 2-10-2014

On Woop FM 99.9, Rob, the Hollywood Slinky and pals hash out the great debacle of Shia Labeouf and his downfall into crazy. This phenomenon is dubbed, “Lohaning.” Later on, they ask the KenDog Five Questions about The Lego Movie, and they Preview Review a ton of films!

All this and more on last week’s episode of Lights Camera Cleveland!


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2 responses to “2/10/2014 – The Science of Lohaning

  1. Good stuff. Yeah, I think I can tolerate LiLo better than the Shia. At least LiLo isn’t pretending to be a great artist. She can leave that to others, like Paul Schrader. It must be so taxing for LaBoof to attempt to be an intellectual. Poor guy.

  2. While we do hope this doesn’t end with Shia doing something awful, it’s fascinating to watch it all play out.

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